John Ramos' Bio
John was nominated in Faculty of CICA International University and Seminary for a Honorary Doctorate of Humane letters and/or Doctorate of Divinity Degree for the Humanitarian  and Ministerial Service 2019.  CICA International University & Seminary is an affiliate of Word of Life Christian Fellowship [WOLCF] and has full Accreditation with the Evangelical Order of Certified Pastoral Counselors of America. The EOCPCA operates under Federal Charter with Letters Patent by the Federal Government of Canada since 1982.
He is also a member of CMA (Christian Ministers Association).
Pastor John

He was raised as an unbeliever with a very basic Roman Catholic influence, which meant he maybe went to church once a year. His parents did the best they could, but having an alcoholic and abusive Father was hard on the whole family.
- He was saved after hitting a low spot in his life while living in Chilliwack BC in 1992, when he cried out to God and God answered him.


John Ramos

So if the Son sets you free, you shall be free indeed.

John 8:36


- He was baptized in the Holy Ghost while driving in his truck after a Full Gospel Business Man’s meeting the same week while attending a Mennonite Church.
- In 1994, he was water baptized in Foursquare Church, Coquitlam.
- had a powerful visitation from God in the middle of the night when God spoke so loud that it woke him out of his sleep but nobody else in the house heard where God called him to be a Prophet! Recently,  two people prophecies over his ministry that God was changing his calling to that of an Apostolic leader and looks forward to seeing God produce much fruit from that in the years ahead!

Signs and wonders follow those who believe

After graduated from Liberty and Pacific Life Bible college, he continues his calling and itinerates ministry where God moves in signs and wonders in all of the gifts, with healings & deliverances by God. Some examples include a person healed of HIV and many set free from demonic bondages, as well as life changing prophecy & words of knowledge often will manifest in the meetings, and many touched by the Glory of God.   He has a family with 2 kids and a wonderful wife Cindy, living in Surrey.