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Cica-international University & Seminary

Welcome to CICA International University & Seminary

CICA-International  was established to prepare believers across the Globe to become marketplace ministers of the Gospel, in areas of: sports teams, banks, hotels, hospitals, schools, prisons, shelters and other places to spread God’s message. To meet the social, spiritual and economic needs of humanity and also to train a special core of first responders to help in time of natural disaster.

Our programs are a learning ground for future Christian Chaplains to be trained on how to serve their communities with a high degree of competence and effectiveness.

CICA-International University & Seminary was established to provide affordable yet effective online educational programs in the areas of advanced biblical studies to equipped students who desire to learn and excel.

We break away from the traditional means of teaching our students. We create a friendly and very flexible environment. For more information, please call us at 1-347-500-8085 .